- Can I purchase from outside of Japan?

Yes. of course.

we shipping to any country.

- How do I pay for a order?

We accept payments by Credit Card and Paypal only.

and credit cards are Visa and Mastercard only.

No CODs or payment by cheque (check).

after ordering, we contact you by Email for payment processing.

Caution :

All prices are stated in Japanese Yen. (JPY)

- How do you ship the purchased record?

We are using international courier service of ”Japan Post”.

After packing, we inform to you of the total amount

(product fee and shipping fee).

and then, After confirming payment. we send your records.

Caution :

We accept prepaid only. 

- Is it possible to return a Records?


However, we`ll make a refund for fatal defects.

for details, please mail to us.


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