How to Order

Step 1

Please visiting our order site.

here is a Japanese language only,

but don`t worry. go to the next step.

Step 2

Typing a some keywords (in English) to

Search Form in our order site.

and then, Press the Enter Key of keyboard

or click the Magnifying Glass Icon.

Example of the keyword :

Bach, Mozart, Prokofiev, etc... (Composer)

Richter, Horowitz, Oistrakh, etc... (Musician)

Eterna, Melodiya, DGG, etc... (Label)

Note : When searching multiple search words,

   please put a space between the search words.

Step 3

When the search is completed,

some thumbnails of the Jacket is displayed.

please click the thumbnail.

you`ll jump to the Product Detail Page.

Step 4

Please check the Item Number and

make a note (or copy command of PC).


Note : Item Number is a very important.

           It` a our Product control number,

   and proof of the inspected disk.

Step 5

It`s a Final Step. 

Access the Order Form Page.

enter a Your Name, E-Mail Address, and Item Number.

Please tell us your wishes.


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